You don’t need a reason to feel fantastic

Upon catching up with a friend yesterday, she asked me how I was. I answered with a simple “I’m ok”. She replied “really? just ok?” I nodded and we went about our catch up.

Then, while I was driving home, I thought to myself that maybe that’s the problem. I’m always just ok, because that’s what I tell myself and other people. Why don’t I say “I feel fantastic!” ? Maybe because people would ask why. But does there really need to be a reason? Can’t we just feel however we want to feel?

I’m going to wake up and feel fantastic from today onwards. Unless I obviously don’t for health and well-being, and emotional issues, sure. I mean I’m not going to lie about things, but I just think it’s ok to feel great whenever you want to.

So there you have it. Monday morning, and I’m going to smile more, and feel fantastic a whole lot more.


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