Fantastic Falls

Over the new year break I went out to the wilderness and volunteered at a music festival. I mention wilderness because it was literally in amongst a rainforest, and the particular spot I was camping I had to walk through enormous and beautiful trees and scrub before looking for my tent in a big heap of other tents.

A couple of months ago I saw a post to apply for a working or volunteering position at Falls Festival. I’ve been wanting to go for a couple of years, and this year the line-up was amazing (as usual, but also as usual, I had little to no money). Not to mention the tickets sold out like there was no tomorrow. So when I saw the ad to work there, I was onto it faster than the tickets sold out! I then got the email to say I’d been accepted to volunteer – woohoo!

December rolled around and I was getting more and more info about the festival and what I had to organise to get there and everything. So I found a couple of people to carpool with me; and on the 27th I hopped in my car, picked up the 2 extras and we headed off to Lorne. Upon arriving and setting up camp I was informed I would be working in “The Village” which was a separate area of the festival that had weird and quirky things going on – of course I was really excited about this!

As volunteers, we had to work a minimum of 15 hours for the week/festival, and I was rostered on for three 5 hour shifts at the village, which worked out kinda perfectly. Each day was the same time (12-5pm), giving me the evening and night to see bands that were on in the main areas. There were a couple of acts that were on during my shifts, but some of them I managed to ‘sneak out’ quickly and catch a glimpse song or two by certain bands.

The bands/acts that I did see over the course of the week were:
Salt n Pepa (yeah, old school! It was awesome)
Japanese Wallpaper (2 songs)
Milky Chance
The Temper Trap
Jamie XX (3 songs)
Asgeir (3 songs)
John Butler Trio
La Roux
Empire of the Sun √
Glass Animals
Cold War Kids
Alt-J* √
The Presets* √

*Unfortunately, I do not remember seeing these bands due to alcohol consumption. I was told I was there, but I’m pretty bummed I don’t remember it. Especially Bluejuice cos it was their last gig before they broke up.
√ I have seen these bands before.

Also, working at the village meant we could hear some of the bands play as one of main stages wasn’t too far. So I heard a fair bit of Megan Washington‘s set, The Kite String Tangle (whom I have seen a bunch of times before), Vance Joy and The Art of Sleeping, (both I actually saw at Splendour 2013).

There was also another separate section called Rancho Relaxo where they had some other cool and funky things on, and other low-key acts, so I saw Essie Thomas, Free Like Me, and my new-found love; Ziggy Alberts!! I was so in awe just watching him, and managed to meet him and get a hug (and CD) after his set and randomly throughout the festival because he was just cruising around for the few days.

All in all, it was a fab week that consisted of making dreamcatchers, tie-dying shirts, watching comedy shows and circus performers, drinking, dancing, and a bunch of other festival shenanigans!

It was/is very similar to Splendour in the Grass in a lot of ways, I’m pretty sure they are owned/run by the same people. But I reckon volunteering is the way to go a lot of the time! Especially if you can’t afford to buy a ticket. You get a free ticket to the festival, food while on shift, access to certain off-limit areas, and other cool things. So as long as you’re happy doing a few hours of work, it’s easy as pie!

Another unfortunate moment though is that I ended up losing my phone. I didn’t take my camera so the only photos I took of the festival were on my phone. Hopefully when I get a new one I might be able to recover the photos through the iCloud or whatever – I don’t really know how it works – so, if I do, I’ll post photos here for you to see my magical week in the rainforest.

Also – I naturally met some awesome people and actually didn’t feel as anxious about going or being there on my own as much as I thought I might.

*Update: I have got a new phone now but it only synced back to the last time I synced the info to my computer…which was apparently 22/12/14. So there are no photos or anything from falls. Sad ones. BUT, on the bright side, I’m lucky I synced it in December because I’m pretty sure the time before was quite a few months ago! Look at the positives 🙂


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