Regrets of 2015 (number 1)

I try not to have any many regrets, but sometimes there are little ones that scrape through without being able to control the ability to not regret it.

And I guess this ‘regret’ doesn’t 100% count in 2015, but I’m going to say it’s my first (of hopefully very few) regrets for this year.

I regret not meeting (and befriending) many people at falls. I had every intention of becoming friends with anyone that crossed my path over the week, and while I wasn’t unfriendly or anything, I just didn’t put in as much of an effort to get too close to anyone. In a way I was challenging myself by going alone (although I was kinda there with someone, so that might be where I got a little confused and the abilities were blurry). I did meet and chat to quite a few randoms (some hotties), and we had good chats at that. But at the end of the week I came away feeling like I hadn’t quite gone what I went for. (What did I go there for?) Apart from the music and atmosphere etc, I felt like I missed out on few things here and there.

Maybe I just feel that way now because I’ll probably never see those people again and I didn’t do anything about allowing the possibility of catching up with them someday. Who knows.

Maybe I just feel a little down because I have the flu (which sucks balls in summer time).

Maybe I’m just feeling lonely. Again.

I think regrets are a good thing sometimes, as they are a good reminder of things we can and want to improve within ourselves.

Here’s to 2015 and my regrets that will force improvement. Turning regrets into positive actions. Olivia the optimist.


One thought on “Regrets of 2015 (number 1)

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