It’s a sunshine day

The other night I was at work, and while I was making dinner, my all time favourite guilty pleasure movie was on TV: The Brady Bunch.

When this scene came on I realised why I love this movie so much. (It is so lame and tacky, but I can’t help have this immense love for it that makes me goofy smile when I watch it.) And the reason is because they are always so happy and positive about life. They are light-hearted and carefree. Each of the children are so different and individual and I really love it.

Tell me you can’t help but laugh or smile when you watch this scene. It’s not good ‘movie’ in a filmmakers eyes (I studied filmmaking for a few years and the other students ridiculed me for liking this movie), but in my eyes, if it makes you smile; or more importantly makes you laugh…then hell, you enjoy it!

So that’s why I love this movie.


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