Triple J – Hottest 100

This year I didn’t really feel like voting in the Triple J Hottest 100. Not for any particular reason I don’t think, mostly because there was so much amazing music last year that I knew I would have trouble narrowing it down to just 10 songs.

Anyway, I obviously did end up voting – how could I not when I love music as much as I do?! So what I decided to do instead was to go over a very limited playlist that I have on my iTube app thingo and grab as many songs or artists I could out of that without thinking too much about other songs that I might have stored in other playlists on Spotify or something.

What I should have done to add to that was look back on my blog and saw what made the cut…but I guess that would have just added more songs and more confusion to the mix.

So rather than piling list upon list and making shortlists and whatnot, I quickly jotted down a few artists that had made a big impact in my musical mind last year and any stray songs that made my heart skip beats. My initial quick-think list came to about 15 artists, and then figuring my favourite song by each artist wasn’t too hard.

Then there were also songs that I knew would definitely be in the majority’s top ten, so I steered clear from a couple of those, unless they had significant impact on me. All up I had about 20 songs to cut down from – and like I said this was my knee-jerk brain thinking, not a slow methodical process into all my musical loves. Anyhow, I managed to narrow it down within minutes, but found it very hard to cut the final 2 out from my top 12. But I did. Obviously. So below stands my votes for this year (last year)’s hottest 100 songs. They are not really my ‘top ten’ because I know for a fact there are numerous songs out there that I loved more than some of these, but my mind couldn’t reach that part of my brain memory at the time of deciding to vote.

If you haven’t heard of some of these songs listed, then I encourage you to check them out and see if they’re your thing too. There was an abundance of fantastic music out last year, so I’m keen to know what you all voted for (or loved, even if you didn’t vote).

Oh, also, another strong factor for these artists/songs was due to me having seen them live throughout the year, and how much I enjoyed the gig etc. So…yeah. Out of these 10 I saw 5 of these artists last year.

*I’m actually considering voting a second time using a different name and one of my other email addresses…is that wrong?


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