Aerial Love

I was never a huge fan of Silverchair, I think I was probably a bit too young for their style of music at the time – however I did like a handful of their songs, just not a whole lot. Anyway, frontman Daniel Johns has (very recently) released a new single from his forthcoming EP in a few months. The song is ‘Aerial Love’. and I think it’s just beautiful. There are mixed reviews out there but I just feel it’s so soft and gentle with strong sensual vibes. It’s relaxing and sounds like something you’d have on the background with a wine in hand on a lovely evening any day of the week.

I guess those who are massive Silverchair fans may not like it since it’s so different from their original grungey-rock sounds, but eh, I like that he’s done something different and appealed to a diverse genre. I think that also shows immense talent in the things he can do with his voice and his differing music abilities, don’t you?

Well done Mr Johns. And here it is….Aerial Love. If you have any thoughts, let me know!


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