Shopping for opportunity

I’ve always loved shopping at op shops. There are so many great and wonderful things to be found, and generally items are in a sense, “original”. What I mean by that is that if you go shopping at your average shop in a shopping centre, you will find a number of the same item in the same and different sizes, and sometimes different colours, but at op shops, there is usually only ONE of that item. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible for others in the world to have the same thing, but it’s less likely.

So a few months ago I decided that I wanted to buy as much as I could second-hand rather than any new things. To me, I don’t see much point in buying a shirt for $$$ that’s brand new and potentially a number of other people having the same of; I’d rather spend less on something that I like and is a bit more individual. I had to furnish my new room 2 months ago and out of 5 items, only one is new; being the bed, for which I have adequate reasoning to not buy a second hand bed – simply because I wouldn’t be able to transport it in my car. Leaving the bed out of the equation, the total that my furnishings came to was $68: drawers, 2x bedside tables, and a desk. They are all decent pieces of furniture, and they all (separately) fit in my car which was perfect!

ANYWAY! I love finding all sorts of cool stuff at op shops, (and also on gumtree); and not to mention everything is so cheap! I once bought a brand new pair of shorts (they still had the original tag on them for $30) and I got them for $5. But I don’t really see an issue with wearing previously owned or worn clothes, homewares, books, toys, or anything. I also bought the book Gone Girl for $1.50 a few weeks ago, which is a fairly popular book at the moment, and I can only assume would be up around $20 in the “new” book stores.Β There are a few things I probably wouldn’t buy second-hand, like undies or maybe swimmers. But apart from that, as long as you wash the garment, there shouldn’t be an issue!

Today I went browsing at a new op shop that I hadn’t been to before, and it was huge! Two floors of absolutely awesome pre-loved bits and bobs. I hadn’t planned on buying anything, but I ended up walking away with 2 tops (for $8.50), and while I was there, I saw this sticker on the wall, and I smiled at it and took a photo, because I too, love Salvos stores πŸ™‚

For those of you that don’t shop at opportunity shops…may I ask you, why not?



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