Vanuatu – the happiest country

It’s images like these that are the reason that Vanuatu has been named ‘the happiest country’ multiple times. Everyone who has ever lived there, or even has just visited, would know that even without much, these people are happy. And now, even after losing almost everything in Cyclone Pam, they continue to have smiles on their faces.

It’s this courage and resilience that sets them apart from many people. Especially many ‘westerners’; myself included. However, as I grew up in this town, I believe I’ve formed a certain different resilience of my own that’s not so much like a ‘typical’ westerner. And it’s because this country holds an extremely special place in my heart, that I will strive to continue to be as positive and fluid as I can be.

To all the wonderful people of Vanuatu – locals, expats and everyone in between…your bravery is astonishing and I will forever be in awe of what you are capable of going through, and coming out stronger.

One of my favourite taglines from a company over there isΒ “some call it paradise, we call it home”. It will forever be my island home.

*Excuse my ‘generalisations’, but over my years I’ve noticed particular differences between these cultures.

*NB: Again, not my photos. Images are sourced from friends of friends on facebook.


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