It’s been a year!

Congratulations to me for being a vegetarian a whole year*!

*Ok, well not completely. And I’m unsure of the specific date, but I do remember this much; that we went out to dinner for my mum’s birthday on the 29th last year, and I ordered a vego meal with a few people asking if I was a vegetarian – with which I answered ‘yes, I am’ and feeling very proud that I had taken this new stance on life. Going back to me saying ‘not completely’ as what I should have said was being a pescetarian for a whole year. I began the journey as a vego hoping to get to veganism, but after a few months I kind of ‘faulted’ and ate seafood a couple of times over the 12 months, so I can’t really claim to be a true vegetarian. But, now that my first year of eating no land-based animal meat, I will focus on steering clear of ALL animal meat. Seafood has been tougher to give up for some reason I’ll never quite understand, and I do at times miss eating chicken or a juicy steak, but I can easily go without.

So, here begins my journey to stop eating all animal meats! Who’s with me? ✌️


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