Just another sunset

This post is for Clare’sΒ photo of the week.

I mean, do I really need to explain this photo and why it appeals to me?

It’s the epitome of beauty in all its simplicity, yet so immensely complex at the same time. Nature will never cease to amaze me, and evenings like this just blow my mind, body and soul! I took this just down at my local beach on Monday night; a somewhat dreary and dreaded day for most. But how you can be hating on the world when there are times like this?

This photo represents almost everything that is me. Beach; sun; peacefulness; colour; magic; love; simple.

Whenever I feel depressed or angry about something, I just need to look at photos like this and I can instantaneously feel my soul being rejuvenated.

This is 100% legitimately my photo. I guess posting it on the internet now enhances the possibility of losing my ‘ownership’ of it, but ultimately, I don’t care too much. If this photo brings serenity and warmth to others as it does to me, then I will be filled with joy.

I know it’s Thursday now…but, have a great week (and weekend) all!

Peace and Love.


4 thoughts on “Just another sunset

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