Falling in love with a country I never thought I would

Ok ok ok, so it’s no secret at all about my love for music. And if I haven’t previously posted a song by Asgeir, I know that I spoke of him in my trip to Falls Fest. Anyhow, I’ve never really listened to much of the music by Sigur Ros, but the odd song that I would hear on triple j, I liked. Upon talking to someone about Asgeir and Sigur Ros, I decided to delve into the world of Sigur Ros music last night, and wow did I feel an absolute wave of peacefulness. Their music is just something else!

So anyway, this person I was speaking to told me to watch the film Heima which is a film where Sigur Ros, after spending years touring, go back home to Iceland and play a bunch of free and unannounced gigs all over the country. So far I have only watched the trailer – I plan on watching the full film tonight. But the trailer makes Iceland look so magical! While I’ve always wanted to see the Aurora Borealis, I’ve never really given much sincere thought to Iceland. [Until now]. Mostly because….well, I FUCKING HATE THE COLD! I’ve never, ever been good at getting through cold temperatures; I always end up so depressed and bitter and grumpy etc. But for some reason, I have this crazy desire to now travel to Iceland someday. Maybe not this year, and definitely not tomorrow, but in the near future, yeah I could probably see myself there for one reason or another. In the last few hours of supposedly meaning to do uni work, I have found myself researching and looking at photos of Iceland, it just looks so serene and delicate with such magic. If anyone actually knows me and cold weather, would know that this is an incredibly insane desire.

Maybe I’m changing. Maybe I’m growing. Maybe…I just don’t know.

But, for now…I leave you with the album that made me fall in love with Sigur Ros, and Iceland.

Oh! Also, Asgeir is from Iceland too, if you didn’t get that connection.


One thought on “Falling in love with a country I never thought I would

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