Regrets of 2015 (number 2)

Last weekend I flew up to Queensland for my friend’s wedding, and it was the most beautiful and magical wedding I have ever been to – and I am insanely lucky to have been a part of the glorious day that it turned out to be!However, there is a catch…I do have one little regret that has been eating away at me over the last few days…and that is a lack of photos. I mean, there was a photographer and all, plus plenty of guests with phones and whatnot, so there will eventually be heaps of photos of the day, but I didn’t get a photo of just myself and S (the bride), and that makes me sad. There may be a photo floating around somewhere, but in my memory we didn’t get a photo together.

There are photos starting to emerge at the moment which is really awesome, and I’m excited to see what the photographer’s ones look like, and guests fancy camera’s…but yeah.

I guess I just need to hold onto the memories of the beautiful day and night’s events and be thankful that the amazing people who I got to spend time with didn’t make me even think about where my phone might be. And that’s a really good feeling – just to live in the present moment and enjoy the company and the whole experience, because it really was such a perfect wedding.

Side note: on the other hand, I’m glad (well, hoping) that no one got video evidence of the impromptu bridesmaid speech that myself and another bridesmaid had to do!


One thought on “Regrets of 2015 (number 2)

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