Did you meet anyone that you like more than yourself?

A few months ago I went on a trip with my Nan, and whenever I met up with her again after spending a few hours here or there, she would ask me this question:

“Did you meet anyone that you like more than you like yourself?”

I always gave a little bit of a chuckle and said “nah, not today” and we continued on with whatever we were doing.

Unfortunately I never really asked her at the time why she asked me that question, because I’m not sure I want to love anyone else more than I love myself. With the exception of children of course, because if (or when) I have kids, I will absolutely love them more than I love myself. Without question! But in terms of a partner or anything, I think it’s always best to love yourself first and foremost. That’s not to say that I don’t put others first a lot of the time though, because I would still go to the ends of the earth for a number of people in my life. But I just think it’s important to remain loving yourself and to never lose that love for yourself to someone else.

Sometimes it’s not easy to love yourself, and we think that we need to find someone that loves us and we’ll be ok, but I think it’s equally as – if not more – important to love yourself first. I say that because I don’t yet have much of a profound love for myself at the moment…I’m trying…but I’m just not there yet, so I’m not really ready to let myself love anyone else more than what I do me at this point, nor do I feel like having someone love me if I don’t love me yet. But there’s also a difference in loving yourself and being narcissistic, so we need to be mindful of that.

I think people need to remember to put themselves first on occasion. Which is not a selfish thing at all, it’s just a way to remind yourself that you are an extremely important and amazing being on this earth – but you need to be humble about it, because you are not better than anyone else. There’s a massive difference between the two attitudes there, and I don’t think too many people understand that. We are all equally divine individuals. And we need to spread as much love and compassion around as we can – starting with ourselves.

Have a great weekend to all!

Peace and Love


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