Fuck binaries! Seriously. Why are humans so obsessed with binaries? If we’re not one thing, we MUST be the other.


Gah! They frustrate me until no end! There is a whole lot of grey matter out there. Nothing in life is black and white. Just because we’re not one thing, doesn’t mean we are definitely the other. I feel like I’m a very ‘in-between’ sort of person in a lot of ways, so when I try to explain to people that I’m neither x nor y, most don’t quite understand how that’s possible. It is possible. I’m not the best at explaining myself/things in general a lot of the time, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no middle ground.

During one of my classes this semester we’re learning a little bit about society and how humans love putting things into binaries – but one of the most interesting parts is that society favours one over the other. And that really upsets me. One of these sides will always be seen more negative than the other. And everyone wants to categorise you into one or the other. Please, remember there is so much grey matter in between these binaries where people can fall into. And NO ONE is better than any other.


8 thoughts on “binaries

  1. I think there has to be two ends of the spectrum to allow for in betweens. I think without knowing where one starts and one ends you couldn’t place yourself in the middle, could you? I mean without black and white, one couldn’t associate with being half cast. I think, for me I’m okay with extremes. With having differences. As long as you allow for people to define themselves wherever they choose to be on the spectrum.

    I found the same thing when I went to uni. Definitions were black and white and they wanted an opinion back up by theory either going one way or the other and I too was often in the middle. I guess they’re trying to teach strategies and techniques as opposed to personal opinion and that’s where I struggled. I wish you better luck than I had! Let’s just say I don’t miss it at all πŸ˜‰

    • Oh yeah I agree with having two ends of the spectrum, but they’re not the only ones. We can’t be placed on one end just because we’re not the other. You know?
      That’s the beauty of a lot of arts majors, you kind of can be “in the middle” as long as your answer makes some kind of sense. At least in most of my subjects we can do that, which I’m thankful for.
      I’m learning about this mostly in terms of sexuality in my subject and I think everyone just needs to have a greater acceptance of people being wherever they want to on the sexuality spectrum and in any other aspect of life.

  2. I agree. I get what you’re saying. You can define yourself however you see fit, whether it fits within particular ‘boundaries’ or not. It’s a hard thing to do. To know yourself completely and be okay with how you are. I’m envious of everybody with enough courage to accept themselves exactly the way they are. It must have been quite the journey to get there. I’m still learning myself!

    • Exactly! That’s why we need more acceptance so that people don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about being who/what/the way they are. If more people were accepting, more people would divulge their true selves. I think.

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