I don’t give up

“I’m not the type of person to give up on someone. Yes, sometimes I get really mad and upset so I need time to cool off, but I’ll never abandon you. I don’t leave people. And I think that’s why it always hurts so bad when people leave me.”

I saw this quote on instagram the other day, and realised how much it relates to me. Especially in relation to a handful of people in my life. If you’re out there reading this…and I know some of you do…just know that I still – and will always – love you. Even the ones that have left, and will leave me in the future. I love you. For everything you have taught me and brought into my life.

And if you think your time has passed and there’s no hope in “fixing” things…you’re wrong. Because I really don’t give up on people.

But what I do prefer is for you to realise the things you have done to hurt me, and take responsibility for your mistakes – I won’t (and don’t) hate you for your mistakes – but it hurts when you don’t realise the ways you’ve hurt me. Just the way I have taken responsibility for my mistakes, and will continue to do.

Ok, that is all for now.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “I don’t give up

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