When in doubt…go for a run…and dance!

I forgot how much I enjoy running.

Firstly, that’s a weird statement coming from me. However, let me explain myself a bit. Almost my entire life I’d never been a keen exerciser. My brother and sister were always the more athletic ones in the family, and I would opt for sitting on the beach rather than running up and down it on those Sunday mornings at nippers. I was quite content with it to be honest, despite being calledย cagoiaย by my dad;ย which in Triestine dialect means ‘snail’.

Anyway, fast forward a number of years until, 2012 I think it was, I decided to start exercising; and being the poor uni student I am, I didn’t join a gym straight up, I first decided to go for afternoon runs (because let’s face it, I’m NOT a morning person). After committing myself to daily runs (or at least 5 days out of 7), I realised that I really enjoyed it. Which came as a huge surprise to anyone that knew me…and including myself! I started losing weight, eating super healthy and feeling really good about myself and life.

However, over the past two years I lost my way a bit…ok, a lot. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say I had stopped running. Every now and again I have tried to get back to that frame of mind, but to no prevail. Even though every time I did go out for a run, I remembered how much I once loved it.

Fast forward again to today, and here I am…sitting at home after my second run this week and I’m feeling pretty good. And confident that I’ll keep the exercising up. Well, HOPING at least. It also significantly helps with this amazing backdrop (picture below) to my run – even if it is 12 degrees celsius outside!

Oh, and another way that my run gets better – music of course. And no doubt when the song Safety Dance came on my playlist today, I just had to run/dance my way along the beach!

Happy Saturday y’all!


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