I had been blessed with a wilder mind

Wow. This album Wilder Mind by Mumford and Songs has been on repeat for the last few days. I don’t quite know what it is about the album as a whole, but each and every song has a little piece that just gets me in some way. Whether it be a few lyrics, or the tune or melody, I don’t know. I just feel connectedΒ to these songs somehow.

My favourite chunks of lyrics


I don’t even know if I believe
Everything you’re trying to say to me

So open up my eyes
Tell me I’m alive
This is never gonna go our way
If I’m gonna have to guess what’s on your mind

Say something, say something
Something like you love me

The Wolf:

You’ve been wandering for days
How you felt me slip your mind
Leave behind your wanting ways
I want to learn to love and kind
Cause you were all I ever longed for

Only Love:

Loneliness and all
I was stuck to the spot without a friend
Alone again

And I hunger and I thirst
For some shiver
For some whispered words
And a promise to come

And you saw me low
Alone again
Didn’t they say that only love will win in the end

Hot Gates:

But even in the dark I saw you were the only one alone
At these hot gates you spit your vitriol
Though you swore you wouldn’t do this anymore
And I can’t be for you all of the things you want me to
But I will love you constantly
There’s precious little else to me
And though we cry, we must stay alive


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