Gender Fluidity…and Ruby Rose

Over the course of the semester, as some of you would notice, I really got into my ‘sexuality and society’ unit. The idea of gender (and sexuality) fluidity (among other topics) intrigued me, which essentially is the belief that these things are fluid…there is not one defining point about ones gender…or sexuality. Life isn’t as black and white as most people tend to believe. (Refer to my previous post on binaries).Β Β Anyway, getting back to the present moment of the meaning behind this post…I have recently been bingeing on the new season of Orange is the New Black which featured our fellow Aussie; Ruby Rose. Who might I add, is a total BABE!! I don’t know what exactly it is about her, but she is so beautiful…it really makes “straight girls wonder about their sexuality” (as I’ve seen in numerous memes) – cue ideas of fluid sexuality. I could go on for much longer about this topic…but I’m not really in a writing/typing/sharing mood right now. But stay tuned if you’re interested…I’ll write more about it one day.


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