Sign your name; help save lives.

I know my blog doesn’t reach a great deal of followers, and that’s fine. But I really want to stress the awareness I want to help create about depression.

For those of you that follow me regularly or semi-regularly, you would have remembered a post about an optimist with depression after I heard about the beautiful girl who passed away from suicide.

Here is a link to not only help remember her life and struggles, but to put forward a memorial that will help support others in dark times.

I’m sure many people have been affected by depression, anxiety, and even suicide in some way or another; either first-hand, second-hand, or merely from a distance. Whichever way it has impacted your life, there is still a growing number of people taking their own lives. So there needs to be a stronger awareness, understanding, and compassion to help overcome these problems.

Please, do what you can to help. A simple name, or even pseudo-name would do; just click the link and help take action.


One thought on “Sign your name; help save lives.

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