Posted in October 2015

Metaphor: part 2

THE WATERS ARE CRYSTAL CLEAR AND PERFECT TEMPERATURE!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ My luck is getting better and my days just keep getting happier. Thank you universe, you’re doing well! Advertisements

Conversations with myself

This post has been in my draft folder for quite some time. So when I came across today’s Daily Prompt, I thought it would be a better time than any to finish it off and post it. (Not quite an ‘interview’, but hell, I don’t care) I’ve been trying to think why I’ve been so … Continue reading

It’s been a while

since I have felt anything even remotely like how I am feeling now/have been feeling lately. AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!! I’ll write more on this at a later date (I need to be writing essays right now) but I just wanted to say I’m really fucking happy and excited. Things are looking up, life … Continue reading

I’m still breathing

When I was having a really down day a few days ago, this song popped into my head and wouldn’t go away until I listened to it. Sia is just magic. I’m not sure if I posted it some years ago (probably not), but her songย Breathe Meย is another that just hits me in the chest … Continue reading

I hate planning!!

I don’t know why, but I have a fear of planning things. Especially things that can’t really be changed. I’ve been tossing and turning for about 2-3 weeks now and totally avoiding booking flights for my end of year/end of uni holiday, and I just can’t seem to bite the bullet and book it! Even … Continue reading

An unexpected Saturday night.

What does one do on a typical Saturday night? Go out drinking? Stay at home and watch a movie? Do some study? Well, when I woke up yesterday morning, I never in a million years expected to spend the night in a closed up ice cream shop making ice cream with a total stranger until … Continue reading

Yes Please

The other week a dear friend gave me this bookย Yes Please by Amy Poehler, and a few things really struck me throughout the book that I just wanted to share and say that I agree with, or that it made me open my eyes to see life a bit differently. This book in its entirety … Continue reading

This one’s about Courtney

So, you remember the post I did a few weeks ago about that beautiful girl I knew through association who was lost to depression and suicide? Well, as a part of mental health week, Triple J have been discussing anxiety and depression with loads of people and all sorts of battles and ways to overcome … Continue reading

A happy momentย 

I just want to share a happy moment I had the other night. The last few days were quite warm and as I often do, I went down to the beach to watch the sunset. Due to the warm temperature, I lingered on the beach for a while afterwards and listening to my music.I ended … Continue reading