An unexpected Saturday night.

What does one do on a typical Saturday night? Go out drinking? Stay at home and watch a movie? Do some study? Well, when I woke up yesterday morning, I never in a million years expected to spend the night in a closed up ice cream shop making ice cream with a total stranger until midnight!I cannot stress how much this quote has been nagging at me over the past couple of weeks. Within the last few months I have really been stepping out of my comfort zone, and all sorts of things just keep getting better and better. Happier and HAPPIER! And yesterday was no exception.

So, I shall start from the beginning.

The other week I matched with this guy on tinder (yes, I am on tinder), and after a brief conversation with him, I found out he owns the local ice cream shop where I live*; however it is closed down over winter because, and I quote, “no one wants to sell ice cream in winter, that’s just depressing”. Anyway, last night I was sitting at home and I was craving some m&m’s, so I went for a walk to the shops to buy some tissues and chocolate. I bypassed the ice cream shop and happened to notice that he was in there working. So after buying my goodies I went down to the beach to get some sand in my toes and watch the lightning storm, and I decided to send him a message saying,Β “you’re working late”;

to which he replied,Β “why not come in”.

So, I mustered up the courage and knocked on the door of said ice cream shop.

He invited me in and showed me around, while continuing to make his ice cream. So for the next few hours I ended up hanging out, listening to music, and reading the recipes to him as he mixed up the ice creams. And of course I had a few taste testers of the stuff too – woohoo!

I tell you what, I’m beginning to like it here. Something about this place seems to agree with my soul more and more lately. And I’m really happy. And it really is a reminder that the best things happen to you in the most unexpected places; times; ways; and moments.

Keep believing in the good. Keep getting out of your comfort zone. Keep practicing kindness.

And have a fabulous day πŸ™‚


*this is part of another funny story itself, as last summer I always walked past the shop and sometimes would notice a guy in there who I thought was rather attractive, though I never went in. I just admired from afar and wondered what his deal was. So now, it’s kind of funny how things work out. (Not that there’s anything going on, but just a funny coincidence, ya know?)


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