Conversations with myself

This post has been in my draft folder for quite some time. So when I came across today’s Daily Prompt, I thought it would be a better time than any to finish it off and post it. (Not quite an ‘interview’, but hell, I don’t care)

I’ve been trying to think why I’ve been so ‘unlucky in love’ over my past 27 years of life, and I think, after a discussion between my head and my heart, that I found the answer.

Heart: why haven’t I found it yet?
Brain: found what?
H: you know, love; that immense love for someone where I’d give up my whole life for them.
B: oh sweetie, you’re just scared.
H: scared of what though? I’ve been hurt before, I’m no stranger to heartbreak.
B: Ha, I know that! But you’re scared of being happy; scared of letting someone love you; scared of letting someone see, hear, and feel every inch of you, and still loving you; scared of being a part of someone else’s life; scared of making decisions that involve other people and their feelings.
H: wow, you really do know your stuff! So, how do I stop being so scared?
B: the answer is simple, but putting it into practice is the hard part: get out of your comfort zone, and choose the scary option. I promise you it will help you grow. I just can’t promise that only good things will come. You must accept the good, with the bad. I can handle the bad. We’ve been through shit before. As long as we stick together, you’ll be fine. We got this!
H: yeah….we do! Okay, thanks 🙂


A friend once told me that I wasn’t capable of love. He was wrong. I am capable of loving someone, I’m just not capable of letting someone love me. (Yet)

Here’s to doing things that scare me – when it comes to love.


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