Posted in November 2015


I wish people would say how they’re feeling a lot more. I know I shouldn’t waste my time and energy ‘wondering’ what they’re thinking or feeling, but I do. Especially people who I really care about, yet who give me such mixed signals. I am utterly confused. If you hate something so much…don’t do it. … Continue reading

I can’t place this feeling

The title says it all. I have this feeling inside me that I can’t quite figure out (it’s not a new one, I’ve had it before…but I can never put my finger on what it is). It’s like a mixture of being scared and anxious, added to feeling lost and drained with worry and confusion … Continue reading

It sounds like a lame clichΓ©

I like to live in the ‘now’. Yes, it sounds like a lame clichΓ©. “Live in the now maaann”. But I really am the type of person who thrives on living in the ‘present moment’. From little things like eating chocolate because I feel like tasting it, rather than thinking about the future effects it … Continue reading

Metaphor: part 3

The waters got cold and murky, churning and crashing; pushing my body underneath, leaving me bruised and hurt, and gasping for air.

Is it weird…

…that sometimes, despite being so tired, I just don’t want to go to sleep…because I don’t want to sleep alone?   Revised:Β actually it’s totally weird for me, because I have always been the type to not be able to sleep with someone in the same bed as me…although I still craved it. Doesn’t make much … Continue reading

My opinion on polygamy: take two

A few months ago I wrote about my thoughts on polygamous relationships…and another idea just popped into my head about this sort of lifestyle. One particular friend that reads this will completely disagree with what I’m about to say, because I recall having conversations with her about this years ago and (provided her thoughts haven’t … Continue reading