You have changed the world

You are a drop in the ocean.

You are the ripple.

You are a butterfly effect.

You have changed so many people’s lives without even realising.

You have changed the world.

Think about it. If you weren’t born, every single person that you’ve been in contact with, or interacted with over however many years you’ve been on this planet; their lives would be different. Maybe only by a minuscule amount; or maybe by miles; the fact of the matter is, from the second you were born into this physical world, you changed it. (If we want to get really deep here, I would even go as far as to say even before you were born that you changed the world. Since your conception, those who knew of your existence would have had their world changed in an instant.)

You didn’t do anything to change it. Not on purpose anyway.

But I want you all to know if you’re ever in your deepest, darkest of times; when you feel absolutely and utterly worthless, lonely, sad, and broken, remember that you changed the world.

Every single day that you are here on this earth, you have changed it, and you will continue to change it. Please remember that. And please, please, please, use that power to change it for the better. Because once you’re gone, all that you have to rely on to change the world is your legacy. So make it worthwhile.

Give someone a flower. Listen with your heart. Pick up rubbish. Respect others. Read to a child. Tell the truth. Be patient. Lend someone something that they need. Give a compliment. Forgive mistakes. Smile at a stranger. Be kind. Assist the elderly. Share a snack. Say “thanks”. Visit a friend. Do something that scares you. Offer someone a hug. Laugh more. Love more. And pass the kindness on.

You can do it. You can change the world.

Because you already have.



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