A whole different kind of Sunday night blues

I used to have a strong sadness connection with the Sunday Night Blues (an old post that describes my past feelings about it). But, more recently, I have these Sunday Night Blues for a whole different reason…yet I’m feeling equally as melancholy, confused, and just plain ‘ugh’.

Sunday nights used to be about you. And me. Us. It would be the beginning of the whirlwind 3-4 days of being completely immersed in your life. It was the beginning of the time period that ‘they’ were not there. Which is not to say that I didn’t like them, nor that I didn’t want to meet them or anything; because dear lord, I knew I would have loved them. As much as I loved you. But because things were different, difficult, and still rather ‘fresh’, we needed that time just the two of us. So Sunday nights were kind of our thing. My life would go into a change of not being at my home for those few days. Things just fit well. I slept, I ate, I studied, I lived at your house for those days. And they were beautiful. And comfortable.

You took away my sadness of my prior Sunday Night Blues; replaced them with comfort, and love; and now…they are no longer. Now my Sunday Night Blues are a sadness of not being with you. Of not having that life with you that we thought we would.

I think I’m slowly getting over it, but some days it still really hurts.

Especially days like today…days like Sunday…


3 thoughts on “A whole different kind of Sunday night blues

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