Posted in May 2016


Reply to the Daily Prompt: Sing I have been in a huge sing-along mood this weekend, and I’ve also been majorly channeling my inner black woman with a manly voice – none other than the Tracy Chapman! So this playlist of her ‘best of’ songs has been playing on repeat; and LOUD; with me singing … Continue reading


Because: I’m bored, can’t sleep, and, well…I like this weird shit.  Taken from a fellow blogger. No using google or anything.  Go.  Name – Olivia  Animal – octopus  Boys name – Oswald Girls name – Ophelia Colour – orange  Movie – O brother where art thou? Something you wear – overalls Drink – ovaltine (I think … Continue reading

Is it weird…

…that when I lie down with people (especially children) or animals, I really enjoy just listening to them breathe?  *I’m writing this while I have a cat snuggled near my shoulder and breathing heavily into my ear* 😊

JT – you’ve done it again

Oh. My. Fucking. Goodness. I am so obsessed with this song right now! I feel bad for my flat mate as I’ve been playing it almost on repeat the past two days. It’s my new go-to happy-go-lucky; mood-boosting; smile-inducing; dancing-around-the-place; warm-and-fuzzy feeling song! Happy Sunday everyone. Peace and Love.


Response to the Daily Prompt: Beach No words needed. The beach is my everythingΒ place.


Response to the Daily Prompt: Hope Just like that; all hope is gone. In one second; during one phone call; the last tiny little bit I had harboured for so long, has now vanished. And with that, my heart was broken; shattered; poured out onto the floor; crushed beyond recognition. Once and for all. My … Continue reading