Why are people mean to others?

I just don’t get it.

I hardly ever watch music videos, I just don’t have much of an interest in them, and sometimes they can alter the way I feel about a song. Tonight, I was listening to a random playlist on YouTube, and in a moment of repose and tea drinking, my attention to this particular music video was grabbed.

Which got me thinking, why are people ever mean another person (or animals for that matter – but that’s a whole different ball game)?

Because that person is different? But isn’t being different a good thing? Who wants everyone to be exactly the same? What a shitty, fucked, boring life we would live in if everything and everyone were the same monotone colour, personality, appearance, life stories, etc. I love everyone’s differences, it creates a lively, vibrant, colourful, exciting world out there that we can all learn so much from.

So I say, celebrate your differences; embrace your weirdo (as I always say!); accept everyone for who they are; and love them for the fact that they are different from you and have so many different qualities, experiences, and opinions to share with you.

Go forth; love; and be kind.


3 thoughts on “Why are people mean to others?

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