Today was a magical day

The journey of today.

Today was one of those days. You know, the type of day where you don’t really have any proper plans, you just drift through what you feel and it ends up being a really relaxing, peaceful and magical day.

It started with catching up with a friend of mine who I actually met and traveled with while in Morocco. We met at the bottom of a mountain we intended to climb (which, we did, of course); and it was nothing short of amazing. I’ve really missed climbing mountains and seeing the world from a different perspective.

From there we decided to jump in the car and head for what we both love and crave the most in this world; the ocean. After grabbing a delicious smoothie bowl each for lunch; we perched ourselves on some rocks that were surprisingly comfortable,  and basked in the warm sun; getting lost in moments of watching and listening to the waves crashing onto the shore in front of us.

In those moments, it was like time stood still. We chatted about life, love, politics, happiness, memories, and religion; while having times of comfortable and understanding silences. Until we slowly realised that the outside world still existed, and thus, we needed to slide back into reality and continue on with our separate lives.

Days like today are my favourite days.

Magical, unplanned, yet undeniably; perfect.


2 thoughts on “Today was a magical day

    • Oh thank you! Nature (specifically the ocean for me) holds such magic and power for relaxation and serenity.
      And thanks for sharing your blog with me. I’ll check it out!

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