Dating myself

I’ve always been rather timid of going out to restaurants by myself. I’m not entirely sure why, but I just hated it. But after a conversation with a friend last week I realised I needed to get over the fear of whatever was stopping me doing (or not doing) that.

So tonight, I took myself out for dinner; I put on a dress and everything! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat at first, so I drove around and looked at a few places, then settled for the local pub that’s across the road from the beach. I had a lovely dinner and drink, and basked in the company of myself in a restaurant filled with people (which ordinarily would have terrified me).

After dinner, I crossed the road and went for a walk along the beach listening to the waves crash infront of me, barely being able to see them in the dark. I drove back to the backpackers I am staying at, and laid down in a hammock beside a pond in the gardens.

I am currently lying here, listening to chatter by accents and languages from all over the globe, and the random croak from a cane toad. I admire the full moon in all its bright glory through the trees in the garden, and I think to myself…what a lovely date night I’ve had with myself.

Go out and date yourself!


4 thoughts on “Dating myself

  1. I have a fear of going to dinner by myself as well. Still haven’t done it! But I do take myself to the movies a ton.

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