Day: 7 – what were your favourite childhood toys?

Honestly… I don’t really know. I don’t think we had that many “toys” as such. I do remember playing with my neighbours Barbies on the odd occasion, but all we wanted to do was take them swimming and cut their hair! I think we had a fair few pool toys, or toys that ended up in the pool anyway. Actually, I remember having a Polly Pocket at one point, and of course, trolls. But I think that’s about it. With the exception of my brother having a bunch of cars that we used to play with, though I think they ended up in the pool too.

See – we grew up in the tropics, where it was warm all year round (which is why I struggle with the cold now), but even well before the pool was built at our house, my brother and I used to fill up the (unused) wheelie bin and play in that!


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