Day: 17 – list your highs and lows of this past year

I am going to write these as an actual list. One reason, because it uses the word ‘list’, and another reason, well, because there are some that I don’t want to explain or talk about it. Though some I have inadvertently written about anyway.

  • Coming home from Morocco (low)
  • My birthday (high)
  • Summer (high)
  • C. moving in (high)
  • Dinners on the beach watching the sunset (highs)
  • Solo dance parties on the beach (highs)
  • Looking after the kids (highs and lows, haha)
  • Bush walks and exploring (multiple times, all highs)
  • Nudie night swim (high)
  • SES days (highs)
  • Visiting S. and B. (highs) – driving into a wombat hole (low, then a high!) haha
  • Finding out some information (low)
  • Dinner catch ups with people (highs)
  • Manny (high!)
  • Winter (low)
  • Meeting J. (high)
  • Working for —– (low)
  • Hot springs with J. (high)
  • Confirming information (low)
  • Spending time with J. (highs)
  • Saying goodbye (lows)
  • Seeing old friends (highs)
  • New beginnings and adventures (highs and lows)
  • Warm temperatures (highs)

Okay, I think that about sums it up to date. I thought I would have more lows…turns out I have more highs; which is good! But maybe I’m conveniently forgetting some lows; also, the lows that were experienced were very very low.

But – onwards and upwards right?


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