For art’s sake!

Hey guys and gals, (ugh, I never say or use the word gals!) Anyway, I have a semi-big favour to ask of you.

Because, art matters.

Because, lives matter.

Because, knowing about your people, and ancestry, matters.

Because, kindness matters.

Because, culture and diversity matters.

Because, helping people matters.

I have this friend, who has entered a wonderful piece of Aboriginal Australian art into the People’s Choice Regional Queensland Awards, and her support would be much appreciated.

She hasn’t asked me to do this for her, nor did I tell her I am doing this. But I’m doing it to spread more love, support, and awareness for this country, and the past, current, and unfortunately on-going lack of knowledge and appreciation there is for our Aboriginal community. I don’t know much about Aboriginal culture, because my primary school years were spent overseas, and when I did go to school in Australia, we weren’t taught shit about the nation’s past. Little things I’ve learnt over the years post-school though have been horrendous and heartbreaking. Herding people off cliffs; ‘breeding’ the colour out; the ‘stolen generation’; just to name a few.

So, can I just take the time here to say…


No matter the colour of your skin; no matter the wave of your hair; no matter how you pronounce words or the accent you have; no matter the religion you choose. Everyone matters.

So here I am, asking you for a little support to remember the people who were forgotten about for so long – no – not just ‘forgotten about’, the people who were treated like absolute scum of the earth, when they never did anything wrong but live on the land that the settler’s wanted to claim.

Click on this link, and have a look at all the wondrous art that is up for voting. I’m not telling you who to vote for, because that should be your own choice; but I’m asking to you to please look at, and consider voting for my friend; who’s really, a friend of a friend of yours 🙂

Her name is Danielle Leedie, and her artwork is called ‘Colours of Wakka Wakka Country’. Or, click here

Here is also a picture of her art. But if I were you, I’d jump on the site and read what she has to say about it too. Thank you in advance. img_6644

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to know any intricate details of Australia’s history, and I hereby ask you to correct me if I’m wrong on anything I have mentioned regarding the Aboriginal people. As I said, we were never taught this stuff in school, and most of what I do know, all comes from what I’ve heard over the years from friends and family. This is the beginning of making myself more aware.


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