Day: 21 – what is one of your favourite TV shows, and why?

Can I mention two?

Heck yeah, I can do what I want! Actually, to be honest, I feel like I’ve mentioned both of these before.

Anyway…two shows that I will never tire of re-watching are:

  1. One Tree Hill
    This show has so much depth to it. It’s not just a sappy teenage drama show that most people think, though it probably did start out that way. It has so many life lessons to be learnt from it. Seriously, amazing. Sure, it probably has a lot of predictable story lines and dramatic endings to the seasons, but put that aside and this show helps you see there’s so much more to life, school, family and forgiveness. Not to mention the music in it is pretty awesome!


  1. How I Met Your Mother
    Ah, this show was a god send by accident once upon a time. It grew to be a show that I watched religiously and really became involved. Every character is someone you can relate to in some way, and is just plain comedic, corny, crazy, sad, and lovely; which is what you want in a sitcom. HIMYM will always be an all time favourite in my books!



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