Day: 22 – how have you changed over the past few years? Share pictures.

Unfortunately, I’m not big on sharing photos of myself on my blog. So I can’t really show you photos of how I’ve changed through the years. I can tell you about how I’ve changed physically over the past few years, but I don’t think I’ve changed that much to be honest. I guess I just look a bit older now. My hair would probably the most changed over the years, because about 5 years ago I got it cut really short, and then decided to let it grow as long as I could; which still hasn’t turned out as long as I would hope (but I’m still trying). And then about a year ago I dyed my hair bright purple, so it was long and wavy that flowed down to my boobs, and when it was purple I felt like I was a proper mermaid! I loved it. Then the purple washed out, and now it’s back to blonde. I’ve cut knots out of it over the last couple of years, but apart from that, no other drastic changes.

I have 3 tattoos to date, so that’s something that has changed, but they are all fairly hidden in day to day clothing.

One weird thing I’ve noticed since being a vegetarian (2.5 years now), is that my skin has gotten worse. I have more pimples and blackheads than I used to. I’m not too sure why, I haven’t changed anything else, so the fact that I’m now a vego seems to be the only factor. I mean it’s not bad ALL the time, just every now and again, when I’m really stressed or the weather is really cold; whereas it never got too bad in those times when I did eat meat.

Anyway, there is my written account of how I’ve changed over the past few years – physically of course. Mentally, holy, I have changed SO MUCH! But, we won’t get into that in this post.


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