Day: 26 – if you had $1,000,000 to spend, how would you spend it?

A quick question, do I need to spend it all? Or can I use some to spend and then put the rest in the bank?

I’m just going to do what I want with it.

So, I would:

  • Pay off my uni debt
  • Pay off my credit card
  • Give some to my brother
  • Probably sell my car; but definitely buy a new one
  • Save some for a holiday and multiple volunteer trips
  • Maybe (just MAYBE) buy a house or unit…but whether or not I live in it or rent it out would be dependable on a few things
  • Treat a number of very special people in my life

That’s all I would do relatively soon after acquiring said money. This, to my calculations, leaves me with about $500,000 (that’s including buying a unit). So, I’d put the rest in a high interest account.


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