I don’t play games

I sat down to write a post about something entirely different. A book review actually; that I’ll get to at a later date. As I sat down to start writing, a friend texted me telling me about this guy she’s been chatting with. She mentioned something about the fact that he just sent her a message, but she’s not going to reply straight away, she’s going to “make him squirm” as she said. Then she sarcastically said “oh the joys of these dating games”. To which, make complete and utter nonsense to me. I’m not a serial dater. And I am definitely not a game player. Not because I’m a fun-sucker or anything, I just don’t understand the whole point in ‘dating games’, being coy with people and making them feel – actually, I don’t even know what it’s supposed to make them feel. This same friend, always tried to teach me the age old saying treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen, or she kept telling me to play hard to get. I was never good at it. If I receive a message from someone, I reply almost instantaneously upon reading it – depending on how busy I am. And whether I read it when I first receive it, as I don’t ALWAYS have my phone on me (shock horror in this day and age, right?!) ugh. So, yeah, for example, I leave my phone at home and go for a walk, I come home, see a message on my phone, I’ll probably have a drink of water first, then sit down, read it and reply.

(Even at this instant, I got a text, and I want to finish the above sentence before reading it. I read it, and of course it’s her, asking me how long she should wait until she replies to him.)

Ugh. Seriously? I don’t understand these games. Like I said, if it were me, I’d reply when I receive it/have the time. If I receive it, and I’m flat out busy with something, I may not even have a chance to read it let alone reply. Or, I’ll glance at it quickly; skim read and think, okay, I’ll reply later when I can. I apologise for detailing my opinions and thought processes about my responding to texts.

And I’m almost always honest in what I say (I say ‘almost’, because, sure everyone tells little white lies from time to time, but in my daily life I try to remain as honest as I can. I really don’t see the point in lying.)

I don’t play games; especially when it comes to people’s feelings; my own feelings. I like telling people that I miss them or that I like them. I think having an open heart makes you stronger; and more susceptible to receiving more love in return.

I saw a Beau Taplin quote once (can you tell I like quotes?), and it said

“I don’t do detached. I won’t play hard to get or act cool for the sake of appearing elusive. If I like you, I’m all in. If you have my attention, then it’s because I genuinely care for you.”

I love that. It’s totally me. If I like someone, I will text them, or call them. I don’t often “wait for them to contact me first”, and I don’t say what I think they want to hear. I say what I want to say. How I’m feeling; what I think of them. I think it takes courage to tell people these sorts of things. And as a society, we are definitely encouraged to not be so vulnerable. I like that I’m sensitive, and caring. I will not apologise for that. Sensitive people might get hurt more, but they also love more. And I wouldn’t stop loving, despite getting hurt. Because love, is so much greater than hurt; and love heals all pain and suffering.

Take risks. Love beyond all measure. Love, even when you’re hurting; especially when you’re hurting. Say ‘yes’ more often. Continue to open your heart. Be honest. Be open. Be forgiving. Be thankful.

Always remember to be thankful.


4 thoughts on “I don’t play games

  1. I agree too! The games just seem silly and pointless. Much better to be yourself so they fall in love with the real you and not someone pretending to be what you think they will like.

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