The girl on the train

A book review.

I’m not big on doing book reviews, and I don’t think this one will be your standard review, but I just wanted to give it a mention, because I really think it’s worth it.

I got some books out of the library yesterday, because I have a bit of time on my hands, and I’d really like to get my mindset into reading so that when I start work, I can maintain reading a bit each night; rather than say, browsing or playing on my phone.

I have a pinterest list of books I’ve been compiling over the last couple of years that I would like to read. So yesterday I went to the library with said list, and found a few of them. One of which is a book called The Girl on the Train – by Paula Hawkins.

I started reading it about midday yesterday, and I just got so engrossed with it, that I did not put it down until it was finished today. Holy moses, that is such a good book! If you like an intense mystery/thriller, give this a shot. I’m not great with talking about things without accidentally giving bits away. So I’ll just say it’s about a train commuter who sees a certain couple at their house everyday as the train passes. She feels like she knows them, creates names and stories about their lives. One day she sees something she is shocked by, and she feels she needs to find answers, and that she is involved in what’s going on due to watching their movements every morning and evening on her train trips.

It definitely has a lot of twists and turns that keeps you guessing right until the end.

I can see them making a movie about it to be honest. But I really hope that it would do a better job than the movie that was made for Gone Girl. I do not think that movie did the book any justice.

Okay, so I just googled it, and turns out they are making a movie of it…not surprising. But, Emily Blunt is the main character (the girl on the train), now that, should be interesting.


3 thoughts on “The girl on the train

  1. Liked this book too, and I don’t usually read the genre. It was a page turner, although the ending became predictable. But still wonderful!

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