No, I don’t get lonely. But thanks for asking…

Most of my life has been fairly…solitary; right? And on a few occasions – mostly more recently – my mum has asked me if I get lonely. I’ve always responded (with the truth) saying that “oh, every now and again I might get lonely, but on the whole, I’m pretty comfortable with being on my own”. In fact, the other day I said “I’m used to it”. But I think it’s more than just getting used to it; I think it’s learning to love myself.

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with” Wayne W. Dyer

Tonight, I was scrolling through blog posts and I caught a glimpse of this quote. I then thought about it, and realised that it really sums the way I see being ‘lonely’. There were times throughout my life where I got really fucking lonely, but they never lasted long term, and thinking about it now…those were times that I didn’t really love the person I was. Now, I am so unbelievably happy and comfortable with my life, and I really love myself. So I don’t get lonely. Sure every now and again it would be nice to have someone around or someone to curl up into bed with, but I don’t feel lonely that I don’t have that. You know? I’m very content and comfortable with being on my own. Even living alone, I prefer it, and sometimes I even feel lonelier when I live with other people (housemates, or the like).

Anyway, relating to this topic, I do miss someone that I semi-‘left behind’, but I don’t feel lonely that I’m not around him anymore. We’ve kept in contact, so he’s still in my life…just not in a physical proximity at this point in time.

Long story short, if you ever feel lonely…just take steps to learn how to love yourself; and learn to be at peace with who you are and enjoy your journey for yourself. I’ve had some of the most awesome times, realisations, inspiring moments, etc on my own.

Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. And I’m not afraid to walk this world alone anymore, because I’ve learnt to not be lonely. 

Sometimes you just need to be reminded that you are worthy of great love. But the great love you seek, needs to be found within you.

Love yourself.

And love others.

And peace will be found everywhere.


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