sex vs. romance vs. emotion – musings of a saturday night

My thoughts on the various forms of attraction

For the most part I’ve always maintained you can be sexually attracted to someone without being romantically attracted to them; for example, you might want to rip the clothes of a particular person and have endless, passionate sex with them, but you don’t necessarily want to date them. Ergo sexual attraction – purely sexual; romantic attraction – the desire to be in a relationship with a person.

But lately, I’ve realised there’s another form of attraction that can include all or none of the above. This is what I call emotional attraction. To me, this is about really loving and caring about someone, but not wanting to date them, and also not really feeling that sexually passionate feeling about them. For example, a best friend of the sex that doesn’t interest you. You love them as a friend but you’re not sexually attracted to them, nor do you want to be romantically involved with them. I mean it’s entirely possible to be sexually, romantically and emotionally attracted to a person; this is probably where people find ‘the one’ (or something of the like, as I don’t believe in ‘the one’ per se). But then by that means you can be either: sexually, romantically, or emotionally attracted to a person. Or you could have two out of the three; though this is where affairs and being in lust can potentially take place.

All of that being said though, there’s also another element to my levels of attraction, where you can find someone attractive, without being sexually, romantically or emotionally attracted to them.

Yeah, go figure that one out!


One thought on “sex vs. romance vs. emotion – musings of a saturday night

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