Spending the day naked

Since I moved here, I sleep naked; and I generally get around the house naked a fair bit of the time now too. (Fuck I love living on my own). Anyway, today I woke up and had breakfast then lazed about in bed for a couple of hours because hell, it’s the weekend, and it was cloudy and a bit miserable this morning. I eventually got up and began doing a few things around the house, but I never once had the urge to put clothes on. Every now and again I got a desire to go for a drive to do some exploring, or even going to buy a few things that I needed to get. But I couldn’t pull myself to get dressed. I really felt like just getting in the car and doing whatever I wanted without having to put any clothes on! But that wouldn’t go down too well with the rest of society! So instead, I opted to spend the day at home, naked. I’m really enjoying getting much more comfortable and confident with myself in a naked sense. I always used to hate my body or feared being naked; especially around other people (though I loved a good nudie swim or something). But a few months ago someone really helped boost my self esteem in that regard, and I was happily walking around naked when I visited said person a few weeks ago.

So now, I love being naked! It’s so liberating and comforting to just feel so at ease in my own skin. Ah, have you ever seen the show dating naked? It’s so good! I’d love to try something like that. But I’d need to be much more comfortable being around others naked first.

I encourage you all to go a full day naked (if possible)! My next mission is to try to find a nude beach somewhere up here so that I can strip off and go swimming freely in the ocean; because swimming naked is by far one of the best feelings! 


15 thoughts on “Spending the day naked

  1. Hi Olivia

    I stumbled across your blog and am loving following your journey!

    How freeing it must be to be ok with your nakedness! I envy you so much! As women I think we are conditioned to continually compare ourselves with unrealistic versions of what we are told is beautiful. Good for you in taking that leap!

    It’s so good that you have your friend to help you boost your self-esteem. To find someone that makes you feel good when you are naked is a god send and I would be seeing them every day if I had that in fact I think I need to find a person who can help boost my naked self self-esteem too… any chance your friend has a friend? 😉


    • Hi Anna, thank you for your kind words! It is definitely a good thing and feeling to be so comfortable and love yourself when society tells us reasons we shouldn’t; or that we need to look a certain way to be loved.
      Here’s a secret handy tip to boost your naked self esteem – tinder! It’s a weird and wonderful place but it’s actually where so much confidence began for me.
      Enjoy this wonderful day and the start of a new week!

      • sounds amazing. It might be time for me to give tinder another go. I have had a bit of hit and miss experience over the years so I decided to give it a break while I took the opportunity to find myself. I think that’s why I have enjoyed your blog so much because I relate to it so well.

        I think I remember reading that you relocated with a feeling that you were leaving someone behind did you ever get to see that person again? I need to know what happens next. It’s just like a cliffhanger at the end of a chapter and I am waiting for the midnight release of the next instalment.

      • Oh wow. Thank you! That really means a lot to me to read that. Well that person who helped me with my confidence was one in the same of whom I speak about leaving behind. And as of last week there’s actually new light on the situation, so if I get around to it soon, I’ll write about what I’m going through with that. So stay tuned 🙂
        Thank you for commenting and sharing in some similarities of life. It’s always nice to hear people relating to stuff.

  2. Hmmm… “olivia of lala land”, you don’t live in L.A. do you? If so, then last time I checked the nearest nude beach is Blacks Beach in San Diego. Really nice place. Better hurry before the weather changes! I have fond memories of there, been too long~

    Thanks for your honesty in writing this blog, keep growing and good luck with all 🙂

  3. Olivia,
    Great post and wonderful notes from your readers too. Nudity in private or socially is wonderful. You have so much to enjoy and experience. Check out our blog if you’re interested in learning more. Its even more fun when you go to the beach, resort or club with a friend or signicant other. Have fun!


      • Loving that summer is here too! Hope you get the courage up to try the beach (took me awhile to get that courage)!

      • Well finding a beach that will “allow” it is my first problem. If I can sneakily go for a dip when no ones around is fine by me. In fact I did the other week just after sunset which was awesome

    • Thankfully I have 3 legal beaches all within reasonable travel for me! Though often it is just easier to use a quiet, remote piece of beach too. You’re braver than me going after sunset – at that point I get too wary of sharks! 😀

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