The magic of K’Gari

Spontaneous adventures are the best! Yesterday a friend and I jumped on a bus, and headed over to K’Gari (as its Indigenous name, yet also known as Fraser Island). For those of you not familiar with Australia, K’Gari is the largest sand island off the East coast, and is home to some of the most beautiful lakes, beaches, and not to mention, the native dingoes, and more amazing wildlife. We went on one of the tours that are offered, because it was cheaper than renting a 4WD and doing it on our own, plus we had time restrictions and could only spend the day. I’d seen photos of the island before, and the most common attraction; Lake Mackenzie, so as long as I got to see that, I was happy.

The weather was perfect, and our day was sorted. We got over to the island, and jumped aboard this crazy 4WD bus that took us to a few places around the island. After an insanely bumpy ride across the island, we landed on the beach and drove up the beach for miles and miles. If you’ve never been to K’Gari, I absolutely recommend it. However, if camping is your thing, and if it’s possible, I recommend you get your own car (it has to be a 4WD), and stay there for about a week and spend your time leisurely checking out the whole island.

We saw the wreck of the old SS Maheno; The Pinnacles; Old Central Station; and of course, Lake Mackenzie. The lush rainforests, crystal clear water creeks, long stretches of sublime beach, and impeccably white sand, are all things you really should experience if you come over to, or live in Australia. Be mindful of the creatures on the island that are deadly, but please don’t let this deter you from going there to experience the place.

I was super eager to see a whale as it is towards the end of whale season, so there was a slight chance, so I kept my eyes on the water as we were driving along the beach. I got hopeful every time I saw a large splash out in the sea, only to be disheartened to realise it was just a wave. After straining my head a bit by continually looking sideways, I saw a splash that I knew couldn’t have been a wave, next thing; I see this whale tail flick out of the ocean! I was so excited, like a little kid jumping about in their seat (and not because the beach was bumpy and our driver was a crazy rally driver) and I squealed with excitement, “I just saw a whale!” What a joy that moment was for me. We didn’t get to see any dingoes while we were there which would have been pretty cool.

Our last stop was Lake Mackenzie; and oh boy did that deliver! Such clear, blue water on the purest whitest sand I’ve ever seen! It seriously looks like caster sugar it’s that white and fine. I was really blown away, and had a great time playing about in the water with my camera and pretending to be a mermaid.

Anyway, here are a few photos that was my magical day with a beautiful human who I hadn’t seen or spoken to for years and years.


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