The reason I’ve been MIA

To those of you who wait and ponder over what my next post is about, or what’s the new chapter of my life story; I apologise for making you sit and squirm in anticipation! I have been MIA for one main reason; and that is, that about two months ago, my home had been broken into, and my computer, portable hard drive, and camera were all stolen. So before I tell you the story about that, I’d just like to apologise for not writing anything over that time. While I do have the wordpress app on my phone, I really hate typing out long posts on my little touch screen smart phone. I prefer the physicality of typing on a proper keyboard much more.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me tell you about the break in.

Or, the lack of break in – maybe? I say that because I’m not actually sure how the people got in, as there were no signs of a “break in”, but it is possible they came through a window that I had left open. You see, I didn’t actually notice the stuff missing, for what could have been up to a week.

I live in a little unit nestled between a couple of other units, so my “yard” is fully fenced, but linked to the unit neighbours yards – if that makes sense? So in order to get into my yard – to get in the windows – one would have to have jumped the fence from a neighbours yard. So my back windows, I would leave open all the time, as when I get home from work my unit is like a sauna, so I leave the windows open to get a bit of airflow through the house during the day; thinking that no one would enter my back yard; also due to my dog being there.Despite the fact that he is a completely harmless dog who would just befriend an intruder anyway!

So, I realised a few bits and pieces had gone missing from home. I contacted the police, they dusted for prints, and I waited.

I eventually decided to check the pawn shops in town just in case by chance the perpetrators had pawned my stuff for a bit of cash. The night before I checked, the cops rang me and said they got nothing off the prints and that there’s not much they could do. This confirmed my desire to check the pawn shops even more. So Saturday morning I got up and headed for the shops. There are only 3 in my town, so it wouldn’t have taken me too long, but low and behold, the first one I walk into, I walk to the electronics cabinet, and there is my laptop, staring right at me. I look a little further and notice the portable hard drive there too. No camera, but that didn’t bother me. Oh, what I failed to mention before is that I was devastated that my hard drive had been taken, because all my photos and music (among other files) were on there. So I was deeply upset that someone had access to these things, and that I would never see some of those photos ever again.

I told the people at the pawn shop the story, and they said I needed to inform the police, and the police would come to pick the items up. The next day I had to go to the police station and identify my belongings and make a statement. To my disbelief, the cops managed to get my camera back from the pawn shop too! As it hadn’t been on there shelves to sell yet, but they asked if the same person who pawned the computer had pawned anything else at the same time. I also found out the date that the things were pawned – which happened to be a full week before I even noticed them missing from my home! How fucking crazy. And goes to show how little I use and take notice of these electronics.

Anyway, I managed to get my things back, and my portable hard drive is currently with the computer repair guys to try to do some data recovery on it to get some of my photos and stuff back. So if anyone can please spare a thought or two for me that I will get some (or all!) photos and music recovered, that would be great. The power of positivity people!

Thank you, and have a great weekend πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The reason I’ve been MIA

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    • Haha. Yeah, the area is known for high drug use…so I assumed it was stolen and pawned for drug money. And I must say it was a weird experience seeing my stuff there.

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