An adventure to Utopia

During my 10 day break over the Christmas and new year period, a friend came up to visit me, and we went on a little adventure to the Utopia Rock Pools. I had heard about them a few months ago, but wasn’t quite sure where they were, or even how far away. After having a quick look on the maps app and it telling me it was only a 1.5 hour drive, we thought let’s do it; despite it being midday at the time, so we had left it rather late. 

We set off with my maps guiding us, and we ended up at some mountain national park – not where we wanted to go! Typical ‘Olivia style’ to send us to the wrong place and getting entirely lost, we then figured out where we were wanting to go was about 40 minutes drive away; but back in the direction we came. So, heading back, we managed to find the road we should have taken in the first place, and parked the car where we could no longer drive; which let us venture on foot for another 30 minutes.

Finally we descended upon the rock pools; after sweating up a storm in my car that currently has no air con, and then walking all that way in the hot afternoon sun of about 30 odd degrees. Needless to say, the jump into the refreshing rock pools was very deserving and most welcome!

I must point out though, due to us leaving the adventure until later in the day kinda worked in our favour a bit, because by the time we arrived there, a few groups of people were leaving or packing up to leave; which made it a bit less crowded and more peaceful which was nice.

Despite my little mishap, it was a great adventure and fun to explore more of this beautiful country. 


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