Things I find at the beach…

I have been lucky enough to visit and travel to several other countries, and I can safely say that Australia is quite clean in comparison to some; which I appreciate. However, we still have a bit of an issue with people disposing of rubbish in places other than the bins that have been provided in places where people might have rubbish; i.e. picnic areas, parks, beaches, and other public places.

I go down to the beach a couple of times a week, and will almost always find at least one piece of rubbish somewhere along the beach. Today was no different. Today I felt the need to share what (and how many) things I found walking on the beach which is probably only about 800m in length.

The items were (in order of findings):

A chocolate wrapper

A container

A ziplock bag (buried in the sand)

A (different) container lid

A sock

A thong (flip flop)

A plastic bag (covered in sand)

A cheese wrapper

A beer can

A coke can

And another ziplock bag

By the end of my walk, I was actually glad I had the container to hold everything else that I had picked up!

I love going to the beach. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the entire world. The ocean is like my second home. But I really hate seeing rubbish littering the shores and posing dangers to our wildlife and mother nature. So, if I could ask every person to please, take all your rubbish and belongings with you when you leave these areas, or kindly put them in the bin on your way; the world will be a much cleaner, nicer, safer place for us all to enjoy.

The only things that should be found on beaches are shells, seaweed, and footprints πŸ™‚


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