Posted in June 2017

Drive You Mad

It’s funny how someone can write a song that you feel as if it relates to you so much that you could have written yourself. I have this moment often. This song is no exception. Running away Oh, I felt like this yesterday And if there’s a problem, you’d want to know Who’s in my … Continue reading

My opinion on polygamy: take four

(This might be my last opinion on this topic by the way) But as I recently finished all 5 seasons of the show Big Love; which is a show about polygamy (surprise, surprise right?). After watching this show, naturally I gained another insight into the world of polygamy. (Refer to other opinions in amongst previous … Continue reading

Where does the time go?!

Firstly I can’t believe we’re in June already. Seriously, it’s bonkers how fast time goes as you get older!  Anyway, I really haven’t had the time; the patience; the mental ability to sit and write lately. I feel terrible. And none of this is an excuse, I know I really should put more effort in, … Continue reading