Where does the time go?!

Firstly I can’t believe we’re in June already. Seriously, it’s bonkers how fast time goes as you get older! 

Anyway, I really haven’t had the time; the patience; the mental ability to sit and write lately. I feel terrible. And none of this is an excuse, I know I really should put more effort in, but I just can’t seem to at the moment. 

So I want to apologise.

And I want to let you all know that I still think about writing, every day in fact. I just don’t have to ability to execute the actual task of it. 

But there are always a number of thoughts, concerns, hopes, frustrations, and general venting vibes going through me. So this morning I voice recorded a few of my brain tangents that I will eventually (READ: hopefully soon) get around to listen to and write up to post for you all.

In the mean time…stay cool, stay kind.

My peace and love is with you all. x


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