My opinion on polygamy: take four

(This might be my last opinion on this topic by the way)

But as I recently finished all 5 seasons of the show Big Love; which is a show about polygamy (surprise, surprise right?). After watching this show, naturally I gained another insight into the world of polygamy. (Refer to other opinions in amongst previous posts).

One of the biggest ‘issues’ I had with the show, is the strong focus of the religious aspect of polygamist relationships, I guess more notably, the idea of plural marriage with one husband and several wives. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do not intend to disrespect to any religions or the people who follow any religion, but religion itself is just not for me. So, I really struggled with the whole viewpoint that the show was taking in regards to their marriages and relationships being guided by the ‘prophet’, and that they are sealed to each other in the ‘Celestial Kingdom’ as they called it – to be honest I’m still not entirely sure what that means; that whole side of it really went a bit over my head.

I must admit, there probably are a number of families and communities out there who do practice polygamy as a part of their religion, and that’s totally fine. But the way I see polygamy – if I were to ever consider that sort of relationship – it wouldn’t be for a religious reason. And it sure as hell would need to be with the right kind of people. You see, to have a ‘successful’ polygamous relationship, there needs to be the utmost openness and honesty, and preferably a minimal amount of jealous – but gees, we’re all human right, so we’re all bound to feel tinges of jealousy here and there.

Although in saying that, for me, there are two kinds of polygamous relationships; one being where there are two people in a relationship who have a mutual understanding and agreement where it is acceptable for them both to have sex (or other kinds of relationships) with other people; then there is the type of polygamous relationship where it is predominantly one male (or female) who has multiple partners. This one would be more tricky in some way because all the partners need to have an agreement with each other, and love, care, and understand each other. So in a way, a relationship between 2 or more people. Which is essentially what Big Love is all about, just with all the added religious reasoning and what not.

I’m not too sure where I’m going with all of this to be honest, but I just want it to be known, that I don’t see why polygamy is illegal; I think people should be able to have polygamous relationships. People should be able to marry whomever the fuck they want; whether it be gay marriage, straight marriage, interracial marriage, plural marriage, etc. (with the exception of underage marriage, because children need to be children; and inter-species marriage, because let’s face it, that’s downright fucked up). I mean people can get married to inanimate objects for fuck’s sake! Society needs to up their acceptance levels and allow overall marriage equality; free love! Spread the love far and wide people.

But I’ll tell you what, as I was watching this show, and realising that 4 wives/mums need to cook for a family of 12 (including 8 growing kids) every bloody night, I thought to myself, well fuck that!


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