We are Nature

Nature doesn’t try to be beautiful…it just is. Everything about nature is beautiful; from the surface, right down to the core.

Sometimes nature doesn’t know it’s beautiful and may think it has ‘ugly days’. But even when nature has an ugly or a bad day that consists of a storm, a fire, an earthquake, or a cyclone, it is still beautiful. And after these ‘bad days’ always comes something even more beautiful. The storm destroys certain things, to make space for something better to grow.

We could all learn from nature, because we are all just like nature. Nature is us. We are all beautiful, even when we don’t realise.

We have our bad, grumpy, sad, and ‘ugly’ days too but often after these days, we feel more elated, more free, more beautiful; the bad is always around to show us the good.

We need the bad days to destroy our negative thoughts and bad patterns of behaviour to make way for the true beauty that is inside all of us, so that we sprout and grow, just like a flower that was covered by shit.

Be that flower. The rain will wash away the shit, then you can grow to your fullest potential.

Show your beauty. Be your beauty.

We are nature, and nature is beautiful…without even trying.


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