Brief Background

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind!


I’m strange, weird, and sometimes a little crazy. But what is ‘normal’? Normal is simply an illusion, each of our realities and journeys in this life are just different. I would never go against my morals just to ‘fit in’ with society and I wouldn’t criticise you for the way you choose to live your life, so I would expect the same respect in return. I believe everyone deserves peace, love, kindness, compassion and immense forgiveness, if we could all give peace a chance, I think the world would be a better place.

I am who I am. Your opinion is most welcome, but remember, it is your own. Just the way my thoughts and beliefs are mine. I believe this world is mad, beautiful, quirky, confusing, mystical, crazy, magical, depressing, fun, and amazing. Keep an open mind, and great things will come your way.

Feel free to take a wander around my little corner of the online world. While I’m not really new here anymore, I still like change from time to time, so if one day you come across my page and it looks like you’ve stumbled onto someone elses, fear not! I just like to mix things up every now and again.

Also, I occasionally swear, and I don’t censor it, apologies if this offends you, but I don’t see the point in putting $%*#& where you would put the actual letter. Writing “f*ck” is no better than writing “fuck”.

N.B: all my posts are my own words unless specified otherwise – eg. song lyrics and quotes. I am fairly upfront and very honest with my thoughts, emotions and what I’m going through at any particular stage of life, so please don’t take offense to things that I say, I realise everyone is different and not all will understand my points of view.


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