Spending the day naked

Since I moved here, I sleep naked; and I generally get around the house naked a fair bit of the time now too. (Fuck I love living on my own). Anyway, today I woke up and had breakfast then lazed about in bed for a couple of hours because hell, it’s the weekend, and it … Continue reading

Being brave

Today I was telling someone how I ended up where I did, and he asked if I had family or friends here; or if I was married or anything, I said ‘no’ to all of the above and that it’s just me and my dog. I told him that I moved up on an instinct … Continue reading

I would love to hear from you

Yes you! Yesterday my blog was viewed about 140 times in the day – which is a big thing for me. And about 120 of those views were in Australia. And almost every post of mine over the last few months was looked at; or at least clicked on. So I can safely assume it … Continue reading

And then she left

And then she left. By Sarah Harvey.  Maybe she was better at leaving than staying. Maybe she had made a huge mess of things again. All she knew was that her lungs were so tired of breathing in the suffocating scent of stale air and sour memories—she needed fresh evergreen breezes and the wild expanse of … Continue reading

I should be writing

I haven’t written in ages.  I should be writing now.  But it’s such a perfectly peaceful and relaxing day as the rain is falling on the roof, that I ended up spending most of it lazing about at home and on my (new) couch while listening to the sweet, chilled, vibing tunes of The XX, … Continue reading

When you’re unsure about life 

If you’re unsure of where your life is headed, consider yourself lucky, because it means everything is possible for you to do. I saw this on someone’s instagram the other day, and I realised how much it actually rings true to my life. Whenever people ask me questions that I don’t have a specific answer … Continue reading


Now, before you get all judgey about me listening to this song, I want to first up say, I do not enjoy this song. I am writing about this song, from an – okay, judgey perspective. When I first heard this song I couldn’t help but laugh and think of how sexual it is! What … Continue reading

The girl on the train

A book review. I’m not big on doing book reviews, and I don’t think this one will be your standard review, but I just wanted to give it a mention, because I really think it’s worth it. I got some books out of the library yesterday, because I have a bit of time on my … Continue reading

I don’t play games

I sat down to write a post about something entirely different. A book review actually; that I’ll get to at a later date. As I sat down to start writing, a friend texted me telling me about this guy she’s been chatting with. She mentioned something about the fact that he just sent her a … Continue reading

Conversation with a 3 year old 

I got told by a 3 year old on the weekend. She showed me her toy cat, and told me it was sleeping.  I said “well you better not be too noisy so you don’t wake it up”.  She said “oh, it’s not real”.  She got me. She got me real good! 

For art’s sake!

Hey guys and gals, (ugh, I never say or use the word gals!) Anyway, I have a semi-big favour to ask of you. Because, art matters. Because, lives matter. Because, knowing about your people, and ancestry, matters. Because, kindness matters. Because, culture and diversity matters. Because, helping people matters. I have this friend, who has entered … Continue reading